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Why Does My Shower Make a Squealing Noise?
Why Does My Shower Make a Squealing Noise?
August 15/2022

Why Does My Shower Make a Squealing Noise?

If your shower makes a squealing noise, you may be wondering what is causing the problem.

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we’ve compiled some of the possible reasons your shower is making a squealing noise and what you can do about them.

The Shower Is Clogged

Probably the most common reason a shower makes a loud squealing noise is that the showerhead has become clogged. Mineral deposits present in hard water can build up inside the components of your shower, including the small holes in the showerhead, making it harder for water to flow through it. The movement of water pushing through a clogged showerhead can cause a high-pitched squeal.

This problem can be solved in two ways:

  • You can remove the shower and soak it in vinegar for a few minutes and give it a good cleaning
  • If cleaning the showerhead doesn’t solve the problem, call an experienced plumber to replace it entirely.

A long-term solution to this problem is to add a water softening system to your home.

High Water Pressure

Overly high water pressure causes water to flow with a strong force out of the showerhead, and this can lead to a squealing noise. The ideal flow rate for showerheads is 2.5 gallons per minute at a water pressure of 80 psi. High water pressure in a showerhead can be caused by a broken flow restrictor or an issue related to the plumbing in your house. You should call in an experienced plumber to inspect your showerhead and determine the cause of the high water pressure.

Broken Shower Valve

Your shower contains a valve responsible for controlling the flow and mixture of hot and cold water. Like other parts of your shower, this valve can wear out and lead to squealing noises. A worn out valve can also cause leaks behind the wall.

In order to fix a broken shower valve, you’ll need to open up the area of the wall, and this can be a complicated process. It is best to call a reliable plumber to inspect the shower valve and perform plumbing repairs.

Clogged Showerhead Pipe

Mineral deposits and limescale buildup do not just affect the showerhead—they can also build up in the pipe that’s directly attached to your showerhead. The buildup constricts the pipe’s interior, making it narrower and this can lead to water making a squealing noise as it tries to squeeze through the clogged pipe.

The fix for this problem is to remove the showerhead pipe, visually inspect it for buildup, and clean the pipe with a white vinegar solution. While this can be a DIY task, a professional plumber will have specialized tools that ensure the job gets done right the first time.

Shower Cartridge Issues

A shower cartridge regulates the flow of water to the showerhead to ensure a safe and comfortable shower. This part can also become clogged due to mineral buildup and make your shower produce a squealing noise. A shower head is difficult to get to and replace, so it is wise to call a plumbing professional to fix it.

Is your shower making a squealing noise? Reach out to Mr. Rooter Plumbing for reliable plumbing repair.