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Why Are My Water Pipes Making Noise?
Why Are My Water Pipes Making Noise?
September 22/2022

Why Are My Water Pipes Making Noise?

It might be awkward and scary sometimes to have your pipes making noise. You may be worried about whether something is wrong with your pipes. Well, you are lucky because throughout this article, we will cover a few sounds by the pipes, why they occur, what they mean, what you can do to them, and how Mr. Rooter Plumbing is here to help. So, let’s get going.

The Shocking Banging Noise

The most common sound that people hear is a loud bang. This sound can be shocking to some as many people think they will only hear slow running water but suddenly hear a banging sound. This noise usually comes when the valve in the tap abruptly closes and causes high water pressure. However, this high pressure can damage the pipes. There is no better option than calling a nearby plumber and asking them to install a water hammer arrestor. This way, your pipes can stay safe, and you can avoid the loud banging noise.

The Whistling Sound

Another typical sound is whistling. If whistling occurs very commonly, then it may be that your valve causes the water flow to make that sound, which is normal. However, if you hear this sound for the first time, it may need a pipe repair. Whistling commonly occurs when a pipe is narrowed down. This narrowing can happen by the structure of the pipe or material and mineral buildup in the line. The only way to fix this noise is to see a plumber. Otherwise, this may cause more significant problems. The plumber may either want to clean the pipe or replace it entirely.

The Annoying Humming Noise

Lastly, the humming sound. This sound can be annoying after hearing it many times throughout the day. The leading cause of this noise is the water pressure. The high water pressure causes the pipes to vibrate and make a humming noise. A professional also needs to check this to see if it is normal or not by testing the pressure of the water. If it is normal, then everything is in its running condition. Otherwise, they may need to decrease the pressure of the water.

What Should You Do?

Many noises can come from your pipes, and each may have its own reason. These noises may indicate a more significant problem, especially if they worsen daily. So, to avoid any issues in the future with your water leaks, call a reliable plumbing service to get your pipe repaired in no time.

The Reliable Gentleman, Mr. Rooter Plumbing

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a safer and more reliable environment for you. With our modern equipment, experienced plumbers, and dedication, getting your pipe repaired has never been easier. Call us today to learn more about us, our services, or what different noises indicate.