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Toilet Leaking at The Base?
Toilet Leaking at The Base?
August 26/2021

Toilet Leaking at The Base?

Leaks are bad as they are, but a toilet leak can be even worse as it can expose you and your loved ones to harmful and even toxic pathogens, chemicals, and microbes. Fortunately, you are in good hands if you live in New Jersey. Mr. Rooter Plumbing is proud to offer reliable, affordable, and accessible leak detection and leak repair in all nearby areas. We also love to share insight and tips on how to fix problems on your own. In this article, we will go over some troubleshooting and repair tips for toilets leaking at the base. Feel free to call Mr. Rooter Plumbing if you prefer to hire a qualified plumber.

Maybe There Is Nothing Wrong

It is natural to panic a bit if you notice water around the base of your toilet, but don’t call a plumber just yet. We do not want you to have to call a plumber and pay a discharge fee only to learn that there is nothing wrong with the toilet. It might be that there is just some condensation. This is especially likely if you live in a humid area.

Try this before you call a plumber. Grab a towel and dry the toilet and its base. Once the base of the toilet is dry, flush the toilet and see if water seeps out. If it does not, then just keep an eye out for sources of moisture and humidity. If water does seep out, then let’s try some troubleshooting.

Worn or Damaged Water Supply Hoses

Those little hoses that attach to your toilet are bringing in water. They are reliable but not forever. The hoses can become damaged or worn over time, which can cause leaking. It might also be that the lines are not sufficiently tightened. Tighten the fittings and inspect the hoses for cracks. Damaged hoses should be replaced.

Loose Toilet Closet Bolts

The hose fittings are not the only things that can loosen and cause leaks. Your toilet is probably bolted to the floor. This is to help the wax ring form a water-tight seal. If the bolts are loose, then you might have foul leakages contaminate your bathroom floors. Tighten these bolts carefully, but do not overtighten them as this can crack the toilet.

Check the Wax Ring

Under the base of your toilet is a wax ring that keeps air and water from going in or out of the drains. If you notice a rotten egg smell coming from the toilet or if the toilet is wobbling, then you might have a worn or damaged wax ring. Replacing the wax ring can be a tough and messy job, so it might be best to leave this to the professionals.

Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing Any Time

If you still cannot figure out why the toilet is leaking, then it might be time to call Mr. Rooter Plumbing to have a licensed plumber take a look. We are always available, so do not hesitate to call at any time. Our live representatives and dedicated plumbers are on standby now.