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The Cost to Replace Plumbing in an Old House
The Cost to Replace Plumbing in an Old House
May 21/2021

The Cost to Replace Plumbing in an Old House

The charm of an old house is usually in its architecture, large lot, and lower price tag. However, the cost of an old house can be more than its purchasing price as plumbing issues are common in these properties. Necessary repairs and even replacements are likely. Even if the plumbing is not necessarily damaged, the material with which they are made can be a threat in itself. In this article brought to you by Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Jersey, we will go over some things related to the plumbing systems in older homes. Whenever you need a qualified plumber, you can put your faith in Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Jersey.

Common Damage

First, there is the natural law. Pipes are made of material that is naturally predisposed to certain damage. Corrosion, rust, and natural deterioration will wear out pipes to the point where they will need to be replaced. Luckily, depending on the material, these pipes can last anywhere between fifty and a hundred years before natural events break them down. This means you have plenty of time to act and make the necessary replacements without dealing with flooding and water damage. Still, you should be proactive and act quickly to deal with any issues before they become headaches.

Specific Threats Require Immediate Replacements

Lead pipes were common in the early 1900s. Though there are very few homes that still have lead pipes, you should make sure that your old house is not one of them. These pipes have a life expectancy of around a hundred years, but their natural deterioration can leach lead into your drinking water and pose a serious health hazard. As you may know, lead is a toxic material to ingest. When exposed to lead, children can suffer brain damage and have problems with learning, development, and behavior.
Another common material used in older homes is polybutylene. These pipes were fairly common for roughly 20 years, between 1975 and 1996. Though they do not pose a serious health hazard like lead pipes, polybutylene pipes are especially prone to damage. Even the chlorine in treated municipal water can interact with the polybutylene pipes and make them brittle and leak-prone.

The Cost of No Replacement

Property owners are quick to worry about the cost of a pipe replacement but overlook the cost of NOT replacing the pipes. Old pipes can leak or burst, exposing your property to severe water damage and mold or mildew growth. Sewer line leaks can contaminate groundwater, leaving you with legal liability. There are also the health hazards such as lead contamination as well as harmful bacteria, pathogens, and microbes.

Affordable Plumbing Replacement

Whether you need a simple repiping or a whole plumbing replacement, your friends at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Jersey offer honest and competitive pricing. We even have a host of additional coupons and discounts on our website. Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing to get in touch with a friendly representative to get your free price estimate upfront before scheduling your flexible appointment.