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Tank or Tankless? What’s Right for Your Water Heater?
Tank or Tankless? What’s Right for Your Water Heater?
March 30/2022

Tank or Tankless? What’s Right for Your Water Heater?

If your current water heater is not running as it used to, the thought of upgrading has crossed your mind. The last thing you want is a malfunction in the middle of a shower or washing dishes, prompting you to search the internet for a plumber near me. Most homes use a tank water heater system, which is more susceptible to damage and function issues. With technological advancements revolutionizing the plumbing industry, manufacturers have developed more efficient and effective water heater systems.

Before onboarding a professional for water heater installation, it is essential to ensure you have done your research. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we recommend upgrading to a tankless water heater system if you want more control over your hot water and optimal efficiency. A plumber has extensive industry knowledge and experience, which you can leverage the next time looking at suitable units for your home. Here are some of the benefits of upgrading to a tankless water system.

Instant Hot Water

The typical water heaters usually heat the water and store it in the tank waiting for you; hence the term standby. This can be inefficient and leads to high energy use heating and reheating the water to suit your usage. A tankless water heater takes this to another level by providing hot water on demand. Rather than waiting for water in the tank to heat, you can access hot water at any time, instantly. This goes a long way in reducing energy consumption, saving you a lot of money on utility bills and unnecessary repairs.

Cheaper Installation

Installing a standard water heater is complex and should be left to a professional plumber with experience and appropriate tools. Since it involves many components, the slightest miscalculation can significantly damage. This is one of the reasons why a tank water heater installation is costly compared to a tankless system. As the term suggests, a tankless water heater doesn’t have a tank making it easy to install, which reduces the general installation cost.

Longer Lifespan

While both systems can run for years without any sign of damage, a tankless system is considered more durable than a tank water heater. If you are looking for an investment worth the time and effort, then a tankless water heater is the most suitable choice. These units can last up to thirty years with the proper maintenance from a professional plumber. Due to the many internal and external components in a tank water heater, it is more prone to damage, affecting its durability and efficiency.

Cost Saving

The ability to provide unlimited hot water on demand, reduce energy consumption, and repair needs means that tankless water heaters save you money at the end of the day. While it might not seem like much, you can save thousands of dollars annually. Contact us today at Mr. Rooter Plumbing, and enjoy top-notch water heater installation at a pocket-friendly price.