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Sewer Repair in Brick Township 
Sewer Repair in Brick Township 
September 07/2022

Sewer Repair in Brick Township 

Your sewer line installation keeps your living area sanitary and free of bacteria, pathogens, and other harmful microbes. Considering it keeps your property safe, it is only reasonable that you take care of your sewer line as much as it takes care of you. Get your routine sewer line cleaning to prevent damage to your sewer line. Even if the damage has been done, be quick to call Mr. Rooter Plumbing and schedule your sewer repair in Brick Township. Prevention is better than cure, but cure is much better than negligence. Unless you prefer to spend that much more on a sewer line replacement in Brick Township. Whatever your need, Mr. Rooter Plumbing is ready to help.

Keep Your Sewer Line in Great Shape

Depending on the material used to build it, your sewer line installation should last between fifty and a hundred years. However, improper usage, care, or maintenance can drastically reduce the potential of your sewer line.
 The first step toward keeping your sewer line in great shape is by using it responsibly. Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper, pee, and poo. That means no wet wipes, no kitty litter, and no hygiene products. Anything other than the 3 P’s should go in the trash bin instead. Secondly, schedule routine sewer line cleaning to keep the line clear and prevent clogging. Finally, arrange a Brick sewer repair as soon as you notice issues.

Spotting Signs of Trouble

How will you know to schedule a sewer repair if you do not know that there is something wrong? Well, we do recommend annual inspections so that our experienced plumbers can evaluate your system and sewer line. They are equipped to detect issues that the layman might miss. But there are signs that you can look out for:

  • Slow drainage
  • Foul odors rising from toilets and drains
  • Patches of overly lush and green grass on the yard
  • Rat and insect infestations
  • Mold growth in the basement, walls, or ceilings

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement in Brick, NJ

Not Just Any Sewer Repair

Not all sewer repair in Brick Township is one in the same. Traditional methods of sewer repair involve a whole lot of digging that leaves your yard in shambles. Many homeowners do not realize that those plumbers might refill the trenches but will not restore the yard. So, you can include the cost of restoring your yard in the price of that Brick sewer repair. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing, we strive to be efficient. Our sewer repair and sewer line replacements are done trenchless.
A trenchless sewer line replacement or sewer line repair involves digging at most two points of access. There will not be a huge trench in your yard. Our plumbers will either use pipe lining or repiping to replace the old sewer line with a new one. Save money in the long run by choosing a trenchless sewer line replacement.

Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing Now

You do not have to search the web for “sewer repair near me” to get urgent sewer repair in Brick Township. Instead, call Rooter Hero Plumbing. We can have a certified plumber dispatched to your location as soon as within the hour!