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How to Clean Grease Out of Sink Drains
How to Clean Grease Out of Sink Drains
May 01/2022

How to Clean Grease Out of Sink Drains

A clogged kitchen sink is easily among the top five most common plumbing issues, and grease is a usual suspect. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to reduce the risk of this major inconvenience. In this article, we will go over some preventative measures as well as some ways you can clean grease out of sink drains. For a long-term solution, consider scheduling a clogged drain cleaning appointment. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Jersey employ hydro-jetting technology to safely and thoroughly clear drains. Call us today to speak with a live representative and request a nearby plumber dispatch. We are proud to offer emergency drain cleaning services.

How to Tell If Grease Is the Culprit

Think about your cooking and dish cleaning habits. Is your household a fan of hearty meals? Do you often pour used fats, oils, or greases down the kitchen sink? If your dishes include dairy and meat products, you must be careful with how you dispose of leftovers and remnants. Even rinsing the pans and dishes will lead to fats and greases getting washed down the drains. Over time, these little bits will accumulate and can clog the drain.

Signs of A Blockage

Is your kitchen sink draining too slowly? Does the sink make gurgling sounds as water runs down the drains? These are just some signs of a clogged drain. Other signs include:

  • Foul odors rising from drains
  • Wastewater backups
  • Leaking drains

Preventative Measures to Take

An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Consider some of these preventative measures:

  • If you run a business or cook hearty meals often, then installing a grease trap can do wonders.
  • Don’t pour used fats, oils, and greases down the drains. Keep them in a separate container to throw out later.
  • Reduce your fat and grease intake. This solution can prevent clogged drains as well as clogged arteries!

Cleaning Grease Out of Drains

We do not recommend using harsh chemical cleaners, especially if you have a septic system installation. These chemicals can end up doing more harm than good by damaging the drains. For minor blockages, try these solutions:

  • Flush drains with hot water once a week and especially after you wash dishes contaminated with heavy grease and fats. Do not use boiling water as this can damage some drain materials.
  • For more stubborn blockages, try a mixture of hot water and vinegar. Sprinkle a few tablespoons of baking down the drain first for an added punch.
  • Pull out the plunger or drain snake and put the elbow grease to work.

What About Severe Blockages?

If you are experiencing water backups in the kitchen sink, then the blockage is likely severe, and the aforementioned solutions may be insufficient. For severe blockages, call Mr. Rooter Plumbing to schedule a professional drain cleaning in Ocean Township. We use hydro jetting technology for safe and thorough results. Our plumbers employ video technology to inspect the drains for damages so you can rest assured knowing your drains will be in good shape.