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How Does a Toilet Tank Work?
How Does a Toilet Tank Work?
October 30/2021

How Does a Toilet Tank Work?

At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Jersey, we provide high quality residential and commercial plumbing services including toilet repair, installations and replacements. Many customers feel intimidated by the mechanics of their toilets and avoid opening the lid to their tanks at all. While this attitude is understandable, it is important to remember that knowledge can help you fix minor issues and will make plumbing maintenance tasks easier to tackle. Have you been dealing with a dysfunctional toilet? Are you simply curious about the inner workings of the toilets inside your home or commercial property? Read below to find out how your toilet tank works. 

Function of the Parts Inside Your Toilet Tank

Many people are surprised to discover several small components inside their toilet tank. Seeing so many small pieces can make property owners feel a little overwhelmed about repairs and maintenance. Understanding the role that each of these items plays in the function of your toilet can help homeowners and businesses keep their porcelain thrones in quality shape longer. Here is a list of the parts and what they do:

  • Fill Valve – refills the tank with fresh water
  • Float Ball or Filler Float – forces the valve turn on the water when the tank is empty and signals the water to turn off when the tank has filled to the appropriate level. 
  • Overflow Tube – prevents an overflowing tank and redirects excess water into the toilet bowl. 
  • Flapper or Flush Valve Seal – a piece of rubber that seals the drain opening after every flush. 
  • Chain – lifts the flapper when the handle arm is pulled.
  • Handle Arm – pivots when the hand is pressed during a flush.
  • Handle – the part that is pressed down when you flush the toilet. 

Flushing the Toilet 

Pressing the handle will raise the chain, open the flapper and trigger the flush valve. Then, the water will rush into the toilet bowl through the drain opening. Afterward, the water will wash any debris inside the bowl, and go down the main drain line. 

How Does the Tank Refill with Water? 

After the toilet has been flushed, the lowered filler float or float ball will cause the toilet to refill with water through the refill tube. At the same time, the flapper will seal the drain opening. When the water inside the tank has filled to the appropriate level, the float ball will rise to the top and cause the tank to stop bringing in fresh water. 

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