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Everything You Need To Know About Angle Stop Valves
Everything You Need To Know About Angle Stop Valves
April 13/2024

Everything You Need To Know About Angle Stop Valves

If you’re observant in your home, you’ve likely noticed small knobs tucked beneath sinks, toilets, dishwashers, and other water-using appliances and fixtures. These knobs are known as angle stop valves. These valves are your home’s first line of defense against water damage. They are designed to control the water flow to individual fixtures, thereby allowing you to turn off the water supply for repairs or during emergencies without shutting down the entire house. For instance, if you have a malfunctioning kitchen sink faucet that won’t stop running, you don’t have to turn off all the water in your house. Simply reach for the angle stop valve located underneath and turn off the water supply to the individual faucet.

Why Are Angle Stop Valves Important?

  • Isolation for Repairs and Replacements

Without an angle stop valve, you’d have to shut off the water supply to your entire house to fix it. This is where these valves come in. Angle stop valves allow you to isolate the water supply to just that specific faucet, enabling repairs or replacements without disrupting the whole house.

  • Emergency Shutoff

These valves allow you to quickly shut off the water supply to a specific fixture in the event of an emergency. This minimizes potential damage until a plumber arrives.

  • Peace of Mind

These valves give you control over individual water supplies, giving you much-needed peace of mind. Whether you're tackling a DIY project or simply going on vacation, angle stop valves allow you to shut off water to specific areas for added security.

Different Types of Angle Stop Valves

  • Ball valve

As the name implies, a ball valve uses a hollow ball with a hole through its center to control water flow. You need to turn the handle 90 degrees to open or close the valve fully. Ball valves are the most common types of angle stop valves you’ll find in most homes and commercial properties.

  • Globe valve

These valves use a screw-type mechanism to control water flow. They are quite easy to use—move the screw stem up and down to open or close the valve. The main advantage of globe valves is that they offer finer control over water flow and provide a tight seal.

  • Gate valve

Primarily used in industrial settings, gate valves use a wedge-shaped gate to stop or allow water flow. They are not ideal for frequent shutoff due to the multiple turns required for operation. Gate valves are commonly found in older homes and are not as reliable as globe and ball valves. If you have these valves installed in your home, it may be a good idea to call in a qualified plumber to replace them.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing Is Here To Help

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