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Does Rain Affect My Plumbing System?
Does Rain Affect My Plumbing System?
January 15/2022

Does Rain Affect My Plumbing System?

Do you live in an area with frequent rainstorms and flooding? Then you may have noticed that your plumbing system acts up after bad weather. Many people may be surprised that heavy rainfall can have an effect on their pipes, but it can. At Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Jersey, our qualified plumbers in River Township offer quality plumbing service to local property owners, including inspections and pipe repairs. Here is a list of the most common problems that heavy rain can cause and what you can do to fix them.

Flooded Basement

Ground saturation can lead to the infiltration of water inside your basement. This is particularly true if your basement walls have been damaged in any way. For this reason, it is recommended that property owners invest in a sump pump installation to ensure that excess water is quickly removed from the house or building. Neglecting this critical step could put you in danger, as will ignoring important repairs. Make sure you include your sump pump in your regular plumbing maintenance routine, so you are prepared for emergencies.

Shifting Soil

Heavy rain can also create chaotic conditions for your soil. For example, severe erosion or shifting dirt can put external pressure on your underground pipes. If the movement is extreme enough, it could even cause a sewer line collapse or burst water main.

Septic Tank Issues

If large amounts of water pour into your septic tank via the drain field, it could cause flooding of wastewater. Not only is this smelly and messy, but it can put your household at risk due to bacterial contamination. If you notice slow draining toilets, sewage backups, or foul smells near your septic system, then it’s important to call a professional who can restore its condition.

Sewer Line Backups

If you have leaks or hidden damage in your sewer line, floodwaters could enter your underground pipes. The result is usually an unexplained wastewater backup inside your toilets, sinks, or bathtubs.

Overwhelmed Gutters and Outdoor Drainage Systems

Gutters and downspouts work similarly to plumbing pipes by directing the flow of water from your roof to an area of your yard where it can properly drain. If your gutter system is full of leaves and bird’s nests, then the water will fall off the sides and create flooding near your home’s foundation. This can lead to slab or basement leaks and more extensive restoration costs. Make sure to clear out your gutters once or twice a year, and look out for any signs of damage or deterioration following major storms.

Do You Need a Professional Plumbing Service Following a Severe Storm?

Has heavy rainfall caused issues with your pipes? Then there’s no need to put off an important plumbing service. Get the professional care you need by calling the plumbers at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of New Jersey. Our specialists are always ready to help improve the condition of your plumbing system. Please speak with our friendly team today and find out what our experienced plumbers can do for your home or business.