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7 Ways Your Home or Office is Making You Sick
7 Ways Your Home or Office is Making You Sick
June 30/2022

7 Ways Your Home or Office is Making You Sick

Most people spend their time at home, especially after 2021, when working remotely became the new normal. Whether you go to the office every morning or work from the comfort of your home, you can become ill from the various conditions of the buildings you occupy. A practical solution to "sick building syndrome" is to reduce exposure to the area making you sick or hire a professional plumbing repair service for routine maintenance. Mr. Rooter Plumbing leverages cutting-edge tools and equipment to identify and alleviate common causes of building-related illnesses. Here are some ways your home or office is making you sick.

Heating and Cooling Systems

HVAC systems are responsible for most building-related illnesses and can spread contaminants throughout your indoor space. While HVAC systems are effective in maintaining a conducive indoor environment, they leave behind stagnant water, which leads to mold and bacteria growth. This microbial growth affects air quality, causing a wide range of symptoms like throat irritation, headaches, and skin and eye irritation, among many more.

Plumbing Leaks

Leaks in a residential or commercial building can cause significant damage and health complications. If an expert plumber does not address the problem in time, the contaminants can end up in your drinking water. When plumbing pipes break and start to leak, they create the perfect conditions for mold growth, resulting in various respiratory complications. A plumbing repair service can help pinpoint leaks in your plumbing, ensuring potential health risks are averted.

Furniture and Textiles

The furniture, textile materials, and flooring in your building are usually treated with harsh chemicals and provide an excellent place for microscopic critters to nest. Some common pests in these places that create health symptoms include dust mites, and early detection goes a long way in reducing the risk of illness. Regularly dusting your indoor spaces using a vacuum cleaner and dehumidifier can help protect you from the subsequent health complications of these pests.

Appliance and Household Items

While most appliances and items are vital for an efficient household, it is crucial to have them checked on a routine basis to prevent the risk of sickness. If an appliance leaks, we can prevent further damage by ensuring it is repaired or replaced, depending on the severity of the damage. We recommend having a plumber conduct maintenance on appliances connected to your plumbing since they are often the cause of illness in a building.

Cleaning Products

Maintaining a clean premise is crucial in preventing building-related sickness, but the products you use determine your success in alleviating potential health risks. Avoid hazardous chemicals like ammonia, formaldehyde, and chlorine when shopping for cleaning products. Some products contain harsh chemicals that cause symptoms like dizziness, skin irritation, and nausea. Checking the ingredients on a cleaning product goes a long way in ensuring you are protected from health complications caused by exposure to harsh chemicals. 

Building Materials

Numerous building materials, such as asbestos, chromated copper arsenic (CCA), lead, and phthalates, contribute to sicknesses. It is advisable to choose building materials carefully, whether you are renovating your home or constructing a new structure on your property. Consulting a professional goes a long way in ensuring you choose safe products that don’t compromise the air quality in your building.

Inadequate Ventilation and Pollution

Many things can pollute your air, and ensuring good air circulation can help improve the safety of your living and working space. If you work in a place where the air is constantly at risk of pollution, you need proper ventilation to prevent breathing complications and other severe symptoms. If you suspect your commercial or residential spaces cause sickness, it might be time to hire a professional plumbing repair service for maintenance. Contact us today at Mr. Rooter Plumbing and schedule an appointment with our professional plumber.